The QMOD-ICQSS Conference 2019 안내
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The QMOD-ICQSS Conference 2019

Krakow, Poland. 13-15 October 2019

It is our great pleasure to invite you to contribute ‘a research paper’ or ‘an extended abstract’ to be presented at the 22nd QMOD/ICQSS conference (Quality Management and Organisational Development/ an International Conference on Quality and Service Sciences) which will take place in Krakow, Poland, 13-15 October, 2019. The conference will be organised at Qubus Conference Hotel, Krakow ( at which we have done a block reservation for all participants. The conference hotel is situated just a walking distance from the famous old city filled with amazing historical attractions going back to the Middle Ages (

The main theme of the 22nd QMOD/ICQSS conference is: 

Leadership and Strategies for Quality, Sustainability and Innovation in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Deadline for abstracts is February 15, 2019. Deadline for full papers and Extended Abstracts is June 1, 2019. Further details on how to write and submit an abstract, a full paper or an extended abstract and how to register please see the QMOD website (update in progress):

Accepted and presented papers will be reviewed, and best selected papers will be published in the QMOD partnership journals.


We welcome contributions from all relevant fields of management and engineering not limited to the above conference theme. For more details about tentative paper topics please see below. We are looking forward to see you at the 22nd QMOD-ICQSS Conference.


Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park & Jens J. Dahlgaard,

Conference Founders and Conference Chairs



                           Tentative Conference Topics

  • Leadership and Strategies for Quality, Sustainability and Innovation in the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Innovation and the “4P”: People, Partnerships, Processes, and Products

  • Organizational Culture for Quality, Sustainability and Innovation

  • Sustainability (economic, social and environmental)

  • Quality and Sustainability in all relevant areas

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The People dimension: Recruiting, Development and Involvement

  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty and Commitment

  • Branding

  • Partnerships and Strategic Alliances  


  • Quality of Experiences

  • Quality of Management, Products, Services and IT

  • Quality in Higher Education

  • Quality in Healthcare

  • Quality in Humanitarian Operations

  • Quality in Elder and Social care

  • Quality in Professional Services (e.g. Law Firms, Healthcare, Management Consulting)

  • Quality of Life

  • Quality of working life

  • Quality and Value: Creation, Identification and Improvement

  • Quality and the Emerging Economy

  • Quality Costing and Quality Economics

  • Quality and Productivity

  • Quality Innovation: Products, Services, Processes, and Technologies


  • Strategic Quality Management

  • Excellence Models

  • TQM models, methodologies and tools

  • Lean and Six Sigma

  • Supply-Chain management

  • Process management

  • Self-Assessment

  • Benchmarking

  • ISO 9000:2015 series

  • Integrated Management Systems

  • Performance Management  

  • Life cycle assessment

  • Use of Big Data Analytics

  • 2nd call for papers 20190125.pdf 2nd call for papers 20190125.pdf (다운 993회) 미리보기 파일 다운받기
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