ANQ (Asia Network for Quality)전 회장 Yuri Kusakov 교수님 별세소식 안내
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KSQM이 보드멤버로 참여하고 있는 ANQ (Asia Network for Quality) 의 전 회장이며 ROQ (Russian Organization for Quality) 부회장 이셨던 Yuri Kusakov 교수님께서 2018 12 17일 러시아 모스코바에서 별세하셨습니다. 이에 본 학회는 다음 편지를 ANQ 보드 멤버 전체에게 보내 애도를 표했습니다.


(영문 편지 전문)

Dear ANQ friends,


In Korea, it is known as the Year of the Golden Pig, meaning a great fortune.

We wish you all a happy and good living.

Last year, we, at KSQM, were very shocked and saddened to lose Prof. Yuri Gusakov, former ANQ chairman.

He was both a devoted leader and good friends to all members of ANQ.

KSQM want to let Prof. Kusakov’s family know that his presence will be greatly missed in ANQ and in the international community of quality management.


Best wishes,

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